Thursday, 27 June 2013

As for me and my garden. . .

Wednesday evening I got a bit carried away with the beautiful warm weather and began displaying photo frames in the garden.  Though I can appreciate that it is wholly impractical to arrange frames on a woven willow fence in your garden, I wish it wasn't.  I think all the paint and patterned inserts of the frames, against a natural background, brings a bit of balance.  Hows that for aliteration?
On a side note, the once temporary structure woven by my husband Ju has now decided to root and grow leaves, so I guess its here to stay!

Over the coming days I will be going through a back catalogue of frames, mirrors and other furniture which I have up cycled.  Pictures of these, along with the above sets will be kept in the pages to the right as an idea of the work I do.  Feel free to send me a message if you want something recreated or if you would like something made to your own specifications.
Thanks for checking in, Laura x

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Welcome to Laura Heath Vintage Interiors. I've been painting, sewing, restoring, upcycling and selling for a few years now(since having babies and being on maternity leave). I've thought about doing a blog for a while and despite a nagging husband who blogs regularly, I've always put it off. I received a bit of a kick up the bum recently when I picked up an email from ITV, who wanted to use some of my photo frames for a makeover show. After sending the frames they requested details of my non-existent website. So this is my new website/blog. Check in regularly for a blog about crafts, vintage design and general ramblings, and check out my other pages (on the right) for the things that I'm currently selling. 
I also do commissions for anything from one off pieces to wedding displays and feature walls. You can email me at: 
Thanks for reading